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History of Roofing | Cornwall

Roofing Company | Roofing History | Cornish 

A brief roofing history – by DS Roofing, a Cornish Roofing Company!

Slate, ceramic tiles along with lead.. and natural simple resources to hand like leaves, wood and mud, roof and roofing styles we typically based around what ever was around locally! Over the last few hundred years or so the roofing industry has really made some amazing advances in new roof technology, resources and skilled application methods:

Its certainly improved roof designs, its also taught us a great deal about the amazing resources available at periods through out history, giving us an insight on how much technology in roofing has certainly changed..

Going back many years the Romans and the Greeks were the  first to test out the different styles of roofing, it was the Romans introducing slating and certain tiling to the UK and Great Britain in around 100BC

Soon after Thatch roofs were then later popularised, sometime around the year 734 AD, as they provided the ideal solution for areas where only natural materials were available.. Even though a thatch roof is certainly a great thing of beauty there are certainly several major flaws!


  1. Very Highly Flammable!
  2. Really Quite Degradable
  3. And certainly high maintenance

So over the years in a bid to prevent the spread of roof fires, a law got passed in about the 12th century by king john whereby, all London homes and residents had to replace their thatch roofs with reed roofs, and clay tiles to improve fire safety – and so it was believed that this then marked the start of mass production slate tiles.. and the simple fact was that clay was all around, rivers and lakes and for London the River Thames!! from here by the 19th century – much greater wealth and improved transportation brought in the industrial production of clay roofing.. making it certainly one of the most used roof materials..

And So while footing styles can still sometimes be based around those of local materials in some countries, there is certainly a far greater section of materials available today!

At DS Roofing here in cornwall, we use many different types of materials to suit your requirements.. for a FREE Quote and Expert Advice call us today!




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