Our Mission Statement

Quality very professional well priced and leaves job very tidy after finished easy to do business with highly recommended. – Sarah-Jane Chapman

DS-Roofing operated by Darren Spear, strides to be the best it can be, with every member of the team working to the highest possible standards at all times to delivery quality builds and total satisfaction.

DS-Roofing operates primarily throughout Cornwall. Both building new roofs and providing roof repairs. We have also been called upon for large jobs all the way up in Devon and further afield, so if you are up the line, do not let that put you off!

From initial contact with us, we will help explain and keep you informed, without overwhelming you with information. Darren Spear accesses each possible build or maintenance project himself, giving an expert and honest opinion. Where we can, we try to offer you options and allow you to save money where you can.

If you were worried about a big job and we find it is actually a small job, or perhaps not even a job at all (which has happened before!), then we will inform you. DS-Roofing is a strong believer that if you treat your customers well, then they will treat you well!

All of our roofers are NVQ qualified, and all work to the high expectations set by Darren. Darren’s reputation as a quality roofer is well known in construction, so is in a unique position of being able to call in trustworthy and reliable sub-contractors at a moments notice if your job goes beyond roofing. DS-Roofing also has fully qualified and insured builders and carpenters, allowing for large construction projects to take place without the stress of hiring multiple teams.

The standards DS-Roofing maintain is not just the quality of the roof, it is also our respect in and around your home. We are very careful not to cause any marks of damages to walls, and treat your garden and flower beds as if they were are own. After a job has been completed, we take all rubbish with us, leaving nothing behind but a job well done.