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Roof Flashing Advice

Why is Roof Flashing so important?

Advice on roof flashing

Roof flashing is super important, for any roof, a highly important component of the roof that defiantly needs to be installed correctly, this will ensure a long lasting and totally water tight roofing structure, the flashing play a big and important role in the over-all protection of your roof, and has a host of long term benefits that you might not even be aware of, but all highly important..

The roof flashing..

This is used to protect the weak areas or potential weak areas of flat and sloped roofs from becoming damaged, which can make the roof vulnerable to flooding, it is generally placed along roof edges, some walls, valleys, and some chimneys, this flashing can also be made from a variety of materials including aluminium some copper, certain steel, and felts..

This flashing will provide an impervious water tight membrane to roofs that collects any water dripping through and then redirects it back out of the roof… then not only does this then reduce the risk of leaks in the home, it also prevents moisture problems taking root..this may cause long term damage to your roof, and house.

 New Slate Roof DS RoofingFlashing on flat roofs is a highly important material, as the potential for water to sit and pool on the surface of the roof, then to seep down onto the membrane is very high, so correct defences are required, to protect the roof, and its materials..these flashings also help protect the roof from bad wind, storm damage, and other weather conditions..

If you need further advice on the correct flashing for your roof contact DS Roofing, Cornwall..!

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