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Roofing Advice | Cornwall

A selection roofing terms

HERE is few letter C roofing terms!
If your looking for info on roofing terms here in Cornwall we can help: over the next few months we are about to fill our website with super roofing tips and info!
Whats Camber?
This is a roofing term for a slight convex curve of a surface, like a concrete deck!
Whats a Roofing Canopy?
This is an over hanging or projecting roof structure, you often find one over the door way…
Whats a Cant::
This is a foamy bit at a roofing right angle joint for better strength and helps water run off…
Then whats a Cant Strip: this is a beveled or triangular – shaped strip of wood, or it could be wood fibre or any other type of material thats designed to serve or act as a gradual transitional plane:
Whats a Cap Flashing: this is usually composed of metal, its used to cover or in fact shield the upper edges of the membrane base, part of wall flashing or primary flashing:
Whats a Cap Sheet. This is a granule – surface coated sheet, which is used as the top of roof membranes:
Whats Caulking – well, this is the physical process of sealing a joint or a joint structure on a roof, this will then make it weather – tight at the joints, and the seams…
What is a Cavity Wall: a wall thats built to provide an air pocket of air space within the wall, thats then without any insulting material- in which the inner and outer wall materials are tied together by a structural frame, or framing..
What is CCF.. basic terms it stands for 100 cubic feet
If you still did not find what your looking for in our list of roofing Cs then please do drop us a line HERE.. we love roofing in cornwall, and are happy to help any time!

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