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DS-Roofing Contractor is one of the leading roofing experts in Cornwall & Devon. Covering the South West corner of England as well as further afield, DS-Roofing Contractor provides a high quality standard of work with an unbeatable work ethic, attention to detail and plenty of experience.

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From tile and slate roofing to lead work and flat roofs, even carpentry and building! Check out our Services page to get started.


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DS-Roofing provides many different services which means we can provide the exact roof you need. With a free estimate, you will have a detailed breakdown of what exactly needs to be done.

Please contact us now for any of the following roofing services.

Tile Roofing Slate Roofing Fibre glass Roofing Flat Roofs Leadwork

Tile Roofing

With more and more materials becoming viable roofing options, the main question is style at taste. DS Roofing can work with all types of concrete and clay tiles, expertly fitted and crafted to the shape of your roof. To keep water out, and to be the best quality build. You can find out more about Tile Roofing here.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing is roofing at it’s best. Slate can make roof look fantastic, as well as being waterproof and very long lasting, the slate will often outlast the wooden beams that has been used to support them! Slate Roofing is a top choice for those in traditional cottages and homes. You can find out more about Slate Roofing here.

Fibre Glass

Fibre Glass roofing, otherwise know as Glass Reinforced Plastic is a quick and easy to install flat roof option. A little more expensive than other flat roof materials such as felt, but is strong and has high resistance.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are becoming more and more popular due to being a cost effective alternative and having new and improved technologies that will not leak. Flat roofs are now just as long lasting as conventional roofs and DS Roofing is an expert at fitting them.


Lead is an ideal material for roofing, whether it is roof covering, flat roofs, or to be used as connections. We have the technical skills to use lead in the best way to suit your roof, as well as repair existing lead works to a high standard.

Cornwall Roofing DS-Roofing Cornwall Roofing DS-Roofing Cornwall Roofing DS-Roofing

A roofing job can be made up of many different factors, and DS-Roofing will have the experience and the tools necessary to take on all manner of roofing jobs, no matter how big or small, whether it is a simple repair job or an entirely new roof, work will be done to the highest standard.

With a countless number of satisfied customers across Cornwall and Devon, as well as some in the rest of the UK, DS-Roofing maintains a high standard of work at competitive prices.

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