Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing

Why Choose DS-Roofing for your Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a popular choice for home owners and DS-Roofing specialises in using the best slate to cover all types of roofs.

About Slate Roofing

Not only for it’s stunning look, slate roofing offers an extremely long life (well over 100 years) and is a completely natural material, offering a wide range of lengths and thicknesses, as well as a variety of installation styles.

Render & Slate

Slate roofing can be more expensive than other types of pitched roofs, but when you invest in slate roofing, you are investing in something that will last a life time and will add plenty of value if you decide to sell in the future, because of it’s stunning look and longevity.

Another reason to consider slate over other materials is because of it’s low maintenance. Being high in density, the slate tiles do not absorb water, therefore are waterproof. This also means that they are not affected by fungus or mould so there is no cleaning required. Lastly, slate is fireproof, meaning your home is better protected incase of fire.

Slate roofing also offers plenty of colours, this is something that can be a surprise to many homeowners, from greys to blacks and also from greens to purples if you are feeling a little more adventurous!

If you are looking for a new roof, an add-on or repair to match existing slate tiles, get in touch with DS-Roofing now and let us put together a free estimate for you.

Slate Roofing Free Quote

When putting together a free quote, DS-Roofing will look at the following factors:

Playing Place New Roof

    • Size and pitch of the roof
    • If a rippled effect is required
    • Type of materials used
    • If there is any existing damage to the fascia board, rafters or eaves that need attention
    • If insulation is needed
    • If old shingles are to be removed
  • If there are any hazardous materials such as asbestos

DS-Roofing will provide a free quote and a 10 Year Guarantee on all roofs, so you can be assured that you are paying for quality that will last.

Please get in touch now to get your free estimate by calling 07718478779 or 01736 757410.