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DS-Roofing Contractor is one of the leading roofing experts in Cornwall & Devon. Covering the South West corner of England as well as further afield, DS-Roofing Contractor provides a high quality standard of work with an unbeatable work ethic, attention to detail and plenty of experience.

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The Roofing Glossary

The A-Z of Roofing Terms

All the A listings Of Roofing

whats it all mean:

Absorption.. which is the ability of a roofing material to totally except liquid.. such as moisture.

Weathering.. which is the process in which the materials are out and exposed to an environment so that various exposures such as water and heat, and some condensation are changed to magnify certain effects..which could speed up the process:

The Adhere effects.. where two surfaces to be held together usually by adhesion, typically with some asphalt or a roofing cement, so that in a build up roofing with contact cements in single ply membranes

The Aggregate: stone and crushed stone, crushed certain slag, some weather worn gravels, or certain marble chips, which are used for surfacing and adding to a ballasting roof system..

Roof Aging, which is obvious effect on the roofing materials that are exposed to an environment for and interval time.

Roofing Aluminium.. which is a non rusting type of metal, which sometimes is used for certain parts of roofing jobs.

Ambient Temperature.. which is basically the air, or air temperature..

The Application Rate.. which is the mass and thickness of a roofing material thats applied to and area.

Apron Flashing, which is a term well used for a flashing located at the juncture of the top of the sloped roof, and vertical wall or steeper sloped roof..

Architectural Shingle, this provides a good looking dimensional appearance..

Roofing Asphalt, which is a dark black substance, which is found in natural slates..

Felt Asphalt.. this is a asphalt thats saturated..

An Asphalt roof cement.. a trouble mixture of solvent based mineral and stabilisers …

Roofing Attic.. which is a cavity or open space, usually above a ceiling, and immediately under a roof deck..


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