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Why Choose DS-Roofing for your Tile Roofing

With Tile Roofing, you can expect durability as well as a roof that is aesthetically pleasing, complimenting the building it is protecting. DS-Roofing has the know-how and the materials to provide it’s customers with a roof that is of the highest quality.

DS-Roofing is able to use any roofing material for your tile roofing needs, although many tiles were traditionally concrete, now we have more options than ever, from wood to fibreglass, from metal to clay.

Tile Roof Ashton

When choosing a material the first step is what looks right with the building, no doubt you will have an idea of this, but DS-Roofing can provide expert advice whilst providing a free estimate.

As well as what might look the best, there are plenty of practical factors to be taken into consideration for your tile roofing.

If there is an existing structure, is it strong enough to support roofing tiles such as concrete or clay, if not, lighter roofing tiles would be a safer choice. If soundproofing is required asphalt or fibreglass materials are much better at disguising noise such as rain than other roofing materials such as wood or metal.

Clay and concrete tiles are much more resistant to damage that can occur during storms and concrete provides a wider range of colours to suit the look of your property.

Tile Roofing Free Quote

Black Tile Roofing DS RoofingWhen putting together a free quote, DS-Roofing will look at the following factors:

    • Size and pitch of the roof
    • If a rippled effect is required
    • Type of materials used
    • If there is any existing damage to the fascia board, rafters or eaves that need attention
    • If insulation is needed
    • If old shingles are to be removed
  • If there are any hazardous materials such as asbestos

DS-Roofing will provide a free quote and a 10 Year Guarantee on all roofs, so you can be assured that you are paying for quality that will last.

Please get in touch now to get your free estimate by calling 07718478779 or 01736 757410.