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DS-Roofing Contractor is one of the leading roofing experts in Cornwall & Devon. Covering the South West corner of England as well as further afield, DS-Roofing Contractor provides a high quality standard of work with an unbeatable work ethic, attention to detail and plenty of experience.

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Are you worried about a roofing issue?

Worried you have a roofing issue?

If your really worried about a roofer, on your house or an important building, its best not to climb up the ladder yourself, Ask a kind neighbour if need be if you can see any issues from across the street from a good vantage point, grab some binoculars and try zooming in for a look, look at potential trouble spots, look at the pitch area of the roof, see there are any splits, or missing tiles, and loose slates, please do remember that even a small hair line crack may result in major damp problems later on, don’t ignore wear and tear, Always check the cement around the roofing ridge tiles, and if you see any holes, get them pointed by a qualified roofer a professional Roofer like DS Roofing in Hayle, Cornwall.

Always try to remember firm ridge tiles will protect your roof during high winds, and don’t forget about your chimney, when the winter arrives chimneys can take a pounding from wind and rain, check the general pointing is intact, remember also that flat roofs can be very vulnerable in heavy rain, check any water proof covering isn’t cracked or falling away, also make certain that your roof guttering is clear, although it summer soon, come autumn and winter these fill with leaves and general waste.

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Gutter over load and over flowing guttering means dam walls, check to see the state of gutters and drain pipes, for example, some rust holes on metal and problem patches on any PVC, look around in your loft maybe, check roofing timbers for any damp, and then while you are there check your insulation, it should be topped up to 270mm thick for glass wall, 250mm for rock walling or 220mm for cellulose walling.

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